Pushkar Camel Fair, Rajasthan – Gallery


We had long wanted to visit Pushkar again, this time to experience the famous Camel Fair. At last, we managed to schedule a visit in 2010. Despite it being famous as a “tourist” attraction, it lived up to our expectations as a colorful, fun, event, with numerous local people attending, in addition to the camels and their owners and drivers. Many of these photos are obviously of the camel grounds, but the event spills out into the adjacent market area and the town.

Gary Worthington

Gary Worthington's books include the epic historical novels India Treasures , also published in South Asia by Penguin India as The Mangarh Chronicles ; and India Fortunes. His articles have appeared in Traveler's India magazine and elsewhere.
Of India Treasures/The Mangarh Chronicles, a review in The Statesman of New Delhi said, "Worthington has wonderfully captured the mystique and adventure-soaked atmosphere of Rajasthan, with its golden forts and the awe-inspiring desert. A delight to read."