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Press Release for India Treasures:  


Historical Novel is Finalist for Book of the Year; Helps Understand India, Islam


India Treasures: An Epic Novel of Rajasthan and Northern India through the Ages, by Gary Worthington, is a finalist for ForeWord Magazine's "Book of the Year" in the fiction category. 

The book is also published in India by Penguin India, under the title, The Mangarh Chronicles

"Especially after recent events, many Westerners want to better understand South Asia," says novelist Worthington. "A sixth of the world's people are Indians, and India is home to as many Muslims as live in Pakistan. I wrote the book in part so Westerners, and even persons of East Indian ancestry, could experience India's culture, daily life, and religious evolution."

The novel is also highly informative for visitors to India who want to better understand what they will see. Worthington has a list of tips for travelers on his Web site at 

In India Treasures, a modern-day hunt through palaces and a maze-like fortress for a Maharaja's legendary hidden treasure weaves together eight stories over the sweep of Indian history. The stories, enhanced with maps and illustrations, depict historical characters and key events that shaped India as it exists today.

Worthington is an Olympia, Washington, attorney who researched and wrote the book over a period of almost 20 years. Regarding current events, Worthington says, "India is now home to around 140 million Muslims, giving it the second largest Muslim population in the world. It is extremely important for the United States to have India's cooperation in whatever type of activities are undertaken against terrorists in the region. India itself is not only the world's most populous democracy, it is the major power in South Asia, both militarily and economically."

About Islam, Worthington says, "Despite what certain political leaders and terrorists have claimed and the conquests made in the name of Islam, the faith teaches a humble, compassionate, inclusive way of living that we all can admire. I've shown much of this in the book, such as the portrayal of a Sufi saint of the 1300's who has been famous through the ages for his teachings about charity and love (Sufis are a sect of Islam).

"Another important character in the novel is a Sultan's minister who is prominent in an orthodox faction of Islam. He is genuinely concerned about the poor, and like many wealthy Muslims of his time, one of his first activities every morning is to personally go out onto the streets of Delhi and hand out money to the beggars so they can buy their food that day."

Worthington suggests that not only is the book helpful for learning more about India and its people, anyone who likes historical fiction or travel to exotic places should enjoy reading the novel. "India Treasures immerses the reader with individual characters of a different culture for long periods of time," he says. "And the novel can help Westerners understand ways of thinking in this region of the world at a time when such understanding is of vital importance."


India Treasures: An Epic Novel of Rajasthan and Northern India through the Ages

By Gary Worthington. ISBN 0-9707662-0-3; $15.95; Trade Paperback; 640 pages


Available at retail: Local bookstores;;

Wholesale: Ingram: Baker & Taylor; Pathway Book Service, 800-345-6665


National Marketing Campaign highlights:

Author tours: Eight metropolitan regions, bookstore talks and signings, India festivals

Exhibits at major literary trade shows

Targeted advertising in U.S./Canada Indian-American publications

Sustained two year promotional budget


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Gary Worthington



Gary Worthington has been an independent scholar of India and South Asia since 1980. He is the author of India Treasures: An Epic Novel of Rajasthan and Northern India through the Ages (TimeBridges, 2001), and of its sequel, India Fortunes (TimeBridges, 2003).

His areas of particular expertise are:

  • India's current politics, international relations, and business climate.
  • The history of India and Pakistan, both early and recent.
  • Travel to India, including the popular destination of unique Rajasthan state.
  • Population and environmental issues in India and other developing countries.
  • Religions of India; including Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Islam.
  • Indian immigrants in America.
  • Indian architecture (Taj Mahal, temples, palaces, village and urban houses).
  • Asian elephants.

Although his earlier career was as a lawyer, Gary Worthington has done extensive academic research over a period of eighteen years on virtually all major historical periods of South Asia, particularly of India. He has traveled extensively in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, and he keeps current on Indian affairs through attendance at conferences, hosting Indian visitors in his home, and periodical subscriptions. He has conducted hundreds of interviews with Indians as background for his writings. He is involved with numerous small, rural, self-help development projects in India.

He lives with his wife, Sandra, near Olympia, Washington.

Availability: Gary Worthington is readily available by telephone as a resource for articles in the media and as a radio guest. Available nationwide by arrangement as a speaker and on TV.


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