Gary Worthington

Author of India Fortunes, India Treasures, and Elephant Driver

(India Treasures was also published in India by Penguin India under the title, The Mangarh Chronicles)

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Gary Worthington's epic novels are unique in depicting major events and figures in Indian history from ancient times through the 20th century. 

The books include the award winning historical novels India Treasures, also published in South Asia by Penguin India as The Mangarh Chronicles

the sequel, India Fortunes

and the young adult e-book novel Elephant Driver

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Some Biographical Background: 

Gary and his wife Sandra have traveled widely on the Indian subcontinent and in many other countries of Asia, as well as in Europe. His articles have appeared in Traveler’s India magazine and elsewhere.  

In his legal career, he has been a lawyer in private practice, for the Washington State House of Representatives, as an officer in the U.S. Navy, and more recently helping develop the unique new Cama Beach State Park on a historic waterfront resort site formerly operated by his wife Sandra's family on Camano Island, Washington.

His wide range of interests include personal spiritual growth, graphic arts, the night sky, and reading; and issues such as international peace and economic justice, population stabilization, environmental preservation, and vegetarianism. He designed the home he and his wife live in, on a forested site near Olympia, Washington. 

They are currently involved in planning and developing The Cooper Point Wildlife and Botanical Preserve, with several green-built houses and a large natural area on a 39 acre site by their home. 

He and Sandra also operate a private foundation which funds primary schools in India and other projects to help people become economically self-reliant. 

He strongly encourages your comments regarding both the India Travel Tips on this Web site and his books.  

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