About Gary Worthington  

Gary Worthington has been an enthusiastic reader of historical (and other) fiction for most of his life. His own award winning epic historical novels are unique in depicting major events and figures in India’s history, from ancient times through the 20th century. His books include:

  • India Treasures (also published in South Asia by Penguin India as The Mangarh Chronicles);
  • the sequel, India Fortunes;
  • and Elephant Driver, a young adult tale of adventure and romance in ancient India.

He has traveled widely on the Indian subcontinent and in many other countries of Asia, as well as in Europe and South America. His articles have appeared in Traveler’s India magazine, on the Writing Historical Novels web site, and elsewhere. He was an invited panelist at the South Asia Literary Festival in Washington, D.C.

In his legal career, he has been a lawyer in private practice, for the Washington State House of Representatives, as an officer in the U.S. Navy, and more recently helping develop the unique Cama Beach State Park on a historic waterfront resort site formerly operated by his wife Sandra’s family on Camano Island, Washington.

His wide range of interests include personal spiritual growth, graphic arts, the night sky, and reading; and issues such as international economic justice and environmental preservation. He designed the home he and his wife live in, on a forested site near Olympia, Washington.

Gary and Sandra recently established the Cooper Point Nature Preserve on a 39 forested acre site by their home.

They also operate a private foundation which funds primary schools in India and other projects to help people become economically self-reliant.

Gary’s Books

The books are available from these sources:

  • India Treasures and India Fortunes from, special order through local bookstores, or by E-book downloadable from
  • Elephant Driver, a young adult novel of adventure and romance in ancient India, as an E-book from
  • Cama Beach: A Guide and A History: from Cama Beach State Park, 1880 S W. Camano Drive, Camano Island, WA 98282.


India Treasures: An Epic Novel of Rajasthan and Northern India through the Ages

India Treasures is also published in India by Penguin India, under the title, The Mangarh Chronicles

Acclaim for India Treasures:

  • Finalist for Book of the Year (Historical Fiction), ForeWord Magazine
  • “Worthington has wonderfully captured the mystique and adventure-soaked atmosphere of Rajasthan, with its golden forts and awe-inspiring desert.” — The Statesman,  New Delhi
  • “An utterly absorbing historical. Highly recommended.”  — Midwest Book Review
  • “Spellbinding and thought-provoking entertainment.” — Tacoma News Tribune

In this monumental work of fiction covering the sweep of Indian history, a search through palaces and a maze-like fortress for a Maharaja’s legendary hidden treasure weaves together stories of danger and romance, and of spiritual and artistic triumphs.

In India Treasures you will:

  • Meet great religious teachers, including the Buddha, a Muslim saint, and a Hindu guru.
  • Ride an elephant into battle with the famous ancient Indian Emperor Ashoka
  • Paint a celebrated mural masterpiece with a medieval artist
  • Join a lovely princess as she defies her powerful father for the enemy king whom she loves
  • Shrewdly match wits with the mighty Mughal Emperor Akbar, as a Maharaja maneuvering to save a kingdom

The novellas set in earlier periods are linked by a treasure hunt in modern times through the immense fortress of Mangarh by government tax raiders. Vijay Singh, the capable and conscientious leader of the searchers, battles a corrupt political boss who imprisons the Maharaja of Mangarh and preys on the lovely princess Kaushalya Kumari.

Vijay fears that in Mangarh his secret may be exposed: he claims to be of the high Rajput caste, but in fact he was born an Untouchable outcaste in a nearby village.

Trade paperback, 540 pages, with maps and drawings; U.S. $15.95


PRINT COPIES available through or by order through your local bookstore (ISBN 0-9707662-0-3)

E-BOOKS in all formats available for download for U.S. $4.99 through and other e-book retailers (ISBN 978-1-4762-5686-3)


India Fortunes: A Novel of Rajasthan and Northern India through Past Centuries

India Fortunes is the sequel to the historical novel India Treasures, which drew widespread praise both in India and abroad. As with the earlier book, a modern day search for a Maharaja’s legendary treasure weaves together seven novellas of major events and historical figures of earlier eras, bringing India’s rich history and culture alive.

During the treacherous times of the Emergency of the mid-1970s, the hunt resumes through the huge fortress of Mangarh for the remainder of the famous treasure, including the Star of Mangarh diamond, and for a fabled sword said to have belonged to the legendary King Shivaji.

Vijay Singh, the leader of the searchers, is again in peril of exposure as a secret Untouchable. The Maharaja of Mangarh remains unjustly imprisoned by a despotic government, while his daughter, the lovely princess Kaushalya, confronts the corrupt and dangerous political boss Dev Batra.

In novellas set in earlier times, readers will meet such memorable characters as:

  • The architect of the Taj Mahal, forced to work against his will by the great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.
  • The famous King Shivaji, whose life is imperiled by the treachery of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.
  • The founders of the Sikh religion.
  • A famous queen, the Rani of Jhansi, as she battles the British to save her throne.
  • Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru.
  • A fighter for Indian freedom leading his family in a desperate train journey across hostile territory.

Acclaim for India Fortunes:

  • Notable Book of the Year (General Fiction)   — Writers Notes Magazine
  • “A compelling and original tale, an absorbing and superbly written historical saga. Highly recommended.”    — Midwest Book Review
  • “An absolute jewel of a historical novel of epic proportions. Colorful and engaging characters. Lots of political intrigue. Ranks right up there with the best of adventurous historical fiction.”    — Independent Publishing Review
  • “An authentic and lively portrayal of the people, the land and the historical settings. This enriching sequel engrosses readers in epic fiction evoking India’s rich culture over the last four centuries.”   — IndiaHQ


Trade paperback, 576 pages, with maps and drawings; U.S. $15.95.  Also in hardcover, $26.95


PRINT COPIES available through or by order through your local bookstore (ISBN 0-9707662-3-8); Hardcover: ISBN 0-9707662-1-1

E-BOOKS in all formats available for download for U.S. $4.99 through and other e-book retailers (ISBN 978-1-4658-1785-3)



Elephant Driver

A Novel of Adventure and Romance in Ancient India

By Gary Worthington

Note: Elephant Driver is also included as a novella in India Treasures.
Although aimed especially for young adults, older readers also are enthusiastic about the tale.

E-BOOK version of Elephant Driver in all formats available for download for U.S. $2.99 through and other e-book retailers.


Cama Beach: A Guide and a History

How a Unique State Park was Created from a Family Fishing Resort and a Native American Camping Site

by Gary Worthington

About the book on Cama Beach:

  • “This place is magical,” is a common comment by visitors to Cama Beach. Used for millenia as a Native American camping place, Cama Beach Resort later attracted hundreds of families each summer to fish, swim, hike, play games, and gather around a fire for evening conversation.
  • Learn the fascinating history of this beautiful waterfront area – from the earliest times when it was frequented by the ancestors of the Coast Salish peoples, to the logging of the old growth forest, to a remarkable Seattle businessman’s creation of one of the largest fishing resorts on Puget Sound. Read the tales of former resort guests recalling their fond memories of this friendly place that was owned and operated by the same family for over half a century.
  • And learn how a long term committed effort by the former owners’ descendants, local citizens, and dedicated state legislators turned the aging resort into what many people now call “the crown jewel of the state park system.” The author was a key participant in the eighteen year project to create Cama Beach State Park.

$12.00 Trade Paperback. 160 pages with maps, photos. ISBN 978-0-9707662-4-3

The Cama Beach book is currently available only at Cama Beach State Park, 1880 S W Camano Dr., Camano Island, WA 98282.

All proceeds from the Cama Beach book are designated for the educational and interpretive programs at Cama Beach State Park


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