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The  Cooper Point Wildlife and Botanical Preserve offers the opportunity for a small, loosely affiliated neighborhood of environmentally-oriented homeowners to enjoy green-built houses on individual 5 acre lots, in a forested area protected by covenants and conservation easements.  

The Land: 

The beautiful 38.7 acre preserve is at the northeast corner of 36th Avenue NW and Overhulse Road NW in Thurston County, Washington. 

With its varied topography, wide range of tree species, and open meadow areas the land is highly attractive. The preserve includes a deep ravine system with a tiny year-round stream and a boggy bottom area, two seasonal ponds of around a half acre each, and a tiny seasonal pond by Overhulse Road. 

A pair of bald eagles prominently nests in a tall old growth fir on the adjacent property, mallard ducks frequent the ponds, and an abundance of other birds, deer, and various smaller wildlife inhabit the land. Occasionally a coyote is sighted. 

Sandra and Gary Worthington have lived on a neighboring five acres for over thirty years. They bought the additional 38.7 acres in 2003, specifically to ensure against insensitive development. 

The greater part of the area will be protected by covenants and conservation easements as a natural area and wildlife preserve, with a network of trails. 

Home Sites:  

Although the land is intended primarily as a wildlife preserve, a few home sites are available. The land is zoned for five acre minimum lot sizes. Through their company, The Preserve on Cooper Point LLC, Worthingtons anticipate selling up to five lots over a period of years. Homes will be preferably be "green-built" and custom designed to meet the specific desires of each prospective homeowner while ensuring the buildings fit harmoniously into the landscape. The aerial photo shows the lot layout, designed to best fit the homes into the landscape. 


Lot 6 is reserved by Worthingtons for their own future use and possible addition to the open space. It is available to others for passive recreation in the meantime. 

The five other lots are potentially available as home sites for prospective residents who are fully supportive of the philosophy of the Preserve. 

The Stewardship Association: 

Homeowners will be members of a Stewardship Association which will supervise use of the land to ensure adherence to the covenants and to the philosophy of preservation of the natural areas. 

Recreation Rights, Covenants, and Regulations

In exchange for some restrictions on tree cutting and development on  portions of each lot, homeowners will have the protection of the sizeable buffer areas, as well as rights of access to the extensive trail system and other recreation places. 

Regulations overseen by the Association will govern such matters as noise, exterior lighting, the keeping of pets, and outdoor pesticide use. Motorized recreation activities, horses and other large livestock, and animals kept for commercial purposes will not be permitted.

Currently, the Preserve provides a highly desirable passive recreation area for several neighbors who regularly enjoy walking on the land and who help patrol it, and a very limited amount of public access to the trails will hopefully continue. However, the use by persons not living on the preserve will be regulated by the Association and may even be halted if deemed necessary at some time in the future.

The Purchase Process:  

Lots will not be listed with realtors, but rather buyers will enter into a purchase contract after consultations with Worthingtons to ensure future owners completely understand, and are in full agreement with, the philosophy of the Cooper Point Wildlife and Botanical Preserve and the regulations. 

Each lot sold will include an ownership interest in, and access to, the wildlife habitat areas of the preserve and the trails system.  

The Homes: 

Houses will normally be custom designed to ensure that each home fits harmoniously into the landscape; is appropriately oriented toward the sun, prevailing winds, slopes, and views; is appropriate in style to the rural setting; and is built to high standards of quality and of energy conservation. 

The prospective homeowners should preferably have their design developed by an architect, designer, or builder of their choice, in cooperation and consultation with Worthingtons. Although not an architect, Gary has long experience in graphic arts and building plans, and in the use of graphics and architectural software. 

So that each structure is relatively unobtrusive in the landscape and is compatible with the other homes, regulations will limit choices of major exterior colors to a palette of earth tones, and trim to a wider, but still restricted, palette of colors. 

The size of residences is limited to 2,900 square feet total enclosed living area, unless good cause is demonstrated for the need for additional space. 

Sales Prices and Construction: 

The prices for each lot will be established by negotiation with reference to the fair market value for the combination of the land and its amenities and utilities, and the shared use of the common preserve area. 

After arranging any necessary financing elsewhere, buyers will enter into a purchase contract with Worthingtons’ company, The Preserve on Cooper Point LLC, for the land with driveway access. Unless otherwise agreed, the individual buyers will contract for the well and septic system and the underground electrical, gas, phone, and cable lines. A reputable local building company will construct the home, and the warranty on the structures will then be provided by that builder. 

For more information, or to view the land, please contact:

Gary and Sandra Worthington

The Preserve on Cooper Point LLC
4242 Sunset Beach Dr. NW
Olympia, WA 98502

Email: gsworthington at



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