Cama Beach State Park

Camano Island, Washington






Available at the Park: The Book on Cama Beach:

Cama Beach: A Guide and a History

How a Unique State Park was Created from a Family Fishing Resort and a Native American Camping Site 

by Gary Worthington 

$12.00, Trade Paperback

160 pages with maps and photos. 

You may purchase the book only through the park. 

All proceeds go toward funding educational and interpretive programs at Cama Beach State Park. 

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About Cama Beach 

State Park

Open as of summer 2008, this unique new park offers:

A peaceful and beautiful island environment, easily accessible to mainland population centers by bridge, only an hour plus from Seattle, Washington. 

Over a mile of saltwater beach for public use.

434 acres of forested uplands with lake, with extensive hiking trails. 

Overnight cabin rentals.

Meeting, dining, and event facilities in the new Cama Center building with its spectacular water view, now a popular wedding venue. 

Center for Wooden Boats with boat building and handling classes, programs for troubled youth, and boat rentals. 

Meals available at the Cama Beach Cafe in the new Cama Center Building (daily in the summer, weekends only in other seasons). 

Historic store operated in the summer season by the Cama Beach Foundation volunteers, offering ice cream, beverages, snacks, educational materials, and souvenirs. 

Environmental education programs for school children. 

A "time capsule" of almost fifty historic resort buildings, listed on the National Historic Register and the Washington Heritage Register.

Courses related to the special attributes of the site, such as regional maritime history, natural history, and Native American history. 


Historic Waterfront Rental Cabins (above)

Cama Center Great Room (above)

The park's creation and development:

A pioneering public/private partnership between the State Parks and Recreation Commission, the former owners, and the Center for Wooden Boats has been involved in creating the new park.

The park was acquired through land donations of 60% of the value from the former owners, and the remainder in public funding from various sources.

The Center for Wooden Boats and others renovated the boathouse, shop, and former garage buildings. 

1930s summer cabins and other buildings were upgraded for year round use. 

  Access roads and parking areas for approximately 175 cars are completed, as well as walking trails, landscaping, and lighting; a new water system with 85,000-gallon reservoir tank; and new underground electrical lines and sewage systems. 

Supporting facilities on the higher elevations, including a welcome station, dropoff shelter, and comfort stations.  

Upgrading of water, sewage, and electrical systems in the waterfront area to meet modern standards. 

Recent construction of a new Cama Center building with dining and meeting facilities, funded by donations from the former owners and state money. 

Temporarily delayed: 

Although currently not budgeted due to the state's financial crisis, a new Retreat Lodge with overnight accommodations and meeting rooms has been fully designed and planned for a location adjacent to the Cama Center. 


To make a tax-deductible donation toward the funding of Cama Beach State Park, please contact the Washington State Parks Foundation by clicking here 

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