What IS “historical fiction?”

Typically, the plot action takes place before any time period which the author has actually experienced or remembers.

A setting at least fifty years before the actual writing of the fiction is sometimes offered as a requirement, but to me that seems too arbitrary, and the exact time gap won’t be a consideration for fiction mentioned in this web site.

Historical fiction also attempts to portray, as accurately as feasible, the details of daily life during the period in which the tale is set, as well as the ways in which the characters would have lived in their particular culture and would have responded to the plot challenges faced. This means that the writer has to do enough research to sufficiently discern the details to be used in the story.

In future posts I’ll discuss what is involved in creating well researched, and well written, historical fiction.

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Gary Worthington's books include the epic historical novels India Treasures , also published in South Asia by Penguin India as The Mangarh Chronicles ; and India Fortunes. His articles have appeared in Traveler's India magazine and elsewhere. Of India Treasures/The Mangarh Chronicles, a review in The Statesman of New Delhi said, "Worthington has wonderfully captured the mystique and adventure-soaked atmosphere of Rajasthan, with its golden forts and the awe-inspiring desert. A delight to read."
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