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Welcome! I have a passion for historical fiction — reading it, if it’s well done, as well as writing it.

On this site I’m suggesting historical novels that I personally think are worth reading, as well as occasional pieces on what makes for well written fiction, both historical and not.

I also have some information about my own historical novels set in India. Even if readers initially have no particular interest in that country, many of them tell me the stories drew them into the exotic settings and they learned a lot in the process about India’s history, culture, and religions.

So please take a tour around the site, and let me know if you like what you see.

Happy Reading!

Gary Worthington


About Gary Worthington

Gary Worthington's books include the epic historical novels India Treasures , also published in South Asia by Penguin India as The Mangarh Chronicles ; and India Fortunes. His articles have appeared in Traveler's India magazine and elsewhere. Of India Treasures/The Mangarh Chronicles, a review in The Statesman of New Delhi said, "Worthington has wonderfully captured the mystique and adventure-soaked atmosphere of Rajasthan, with its golden forts and the awe-inspiring desert. A delight to read."
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